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shiny duskull
Hi guys! :)

I have a few things to tell you about!

First of all, on Wednesday I saw Nine Inch Nails live in Prague and it was really a dream come true! (I put the story under the cut.)

The story and some picturesCollapse )

Also, I'd like to thank again to everyone for their birhday wishes! It means a lot! <3

Another thing, I finished my Pumpkaboo plushie! I really wanted to make my own plush of him!

Pumpkaboo plushieCollapse )

Last thing, I made some ghost patterns inspired by Pokemon Time patterns recently!

PatternsCollapse )

Thanks for reading! <3


Halloween pumpkins

halloween duskull
Hello guys!

Being a ghost type collector, I really enjoy Halloween (even though it's not much celebrated here). I figured out I'd show you our Halloween decorations. :)

These guys are ceramic decorative pumpkins. Sadly we didn't carve any actual pumpkins because the one we got was too big and impossible to carve into. XD But next year I'm gonna buy a smaller one and carve a ghost!

I'll hide the rest of the pictures under a cut...

Click for more pumpkin decorations and lit up pics!Collapse )

Speaking of Halloween, I really started liking Pumpkaboo! Finally a pumpkin ghost Pokemon! They are so cute, I might start a side colection (even though I don't like Gourgeist much). I really hope they get a cute plushie! :) I also wanted to finish a Pumpkaboo picture for Halloween, well, I'll finish it later hopefully. :D

I also hope to make a collection update soon! Yesterday I added shipping instructions to my first FJ box. I'm really happy because I managed to get some ghost kids and most of the Halloween clearfiles! :) (Apart from the black one with purple ghost silhouettes. I've seen one but the price went too high. If anyone finds one please let me know!) I'm really glad using FJ was much easier than I thought so far.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and nobody is sick from all the Halloween candy! <3

Haunt, Haunt! :)

happy haunter

Look, guys, they finally made a Haunter plushie!! :) It looks like an unique pattern too, I really like how he looks, just look at the hands!! So happy!! :'D


Collection site!

shiny duskull pokedoll
I finally finished my collection site!

Feel free to take a look and let me know if you'd like to exchange links! :)


Ghost and reptile collection

shiny duskull pokedoll
Hello everyone!
I'm posting the collection pics here too, so it's all in one place. :)


Ghosts, reptiles and a rant, go go go!Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed my collection. Have a nice day <3


shiny duskull pokedoll
Hello everyone!

I'm using this account mainly for collecting purposes.
As many people I've liked Pokemon from the beginning but I started collecting in 2010.

My main collection are the ghosts. I've always liked ghosts! My favourites are Duskull, Haunter (the whole line actually) and Shuppet.
I also collect the Kanto starters. My favourite animal being turtle, I like the Squirtle line the most. <3

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